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Welcome joyal laboratory

Welcome to the Joyal Laboratory Homepage! We combine mouse experimentations with genomic and computational approaches to explore the role of neuronal energy metabolism in physiological and pathological angiogenesis. We use transgenic mice subjected to two models of proliferative vascular retinopathies: the oxygen-induced retinopathy model and the genetic retinal angiomatous proliferation model.


Our studies address critical gaps in neurovascular biology and medicine by: 

(1) defining metabolic traits of the healthy and diseased vasculature, and

(2) uncovering new metabolic drivers of angiogenesis, beyond oxygen


Our ultimate goal is to identify novel therapeutic targets to improve neuronal survival in critically ill patients.

We are located at the research center of the Sainte-Justine Hospital in the city of Montréal Canada. Our affiliations include the Departments of Pediatrics, Ophthalmology, Pharmacology and Molecular Biology at Université de Montréal and the Department of Pharmacology and Therapeutics at McGill University.



Our lab members include clinicians, biologists and bioinformaticians collaboratively working together to answer our questions. We are currently supported by funds from the Canadian Institute of Health Research (CIHR), the Fond de Recherche du Québec en Santé (FRQS) and the Conseil de recherches en sciences naturelles et en génie du Canada (CRSNG).

*** We are currently seeking PhD or Post-doc candidate with experience in genomics and/or metabolomics. Please click here for details or write to Gael Cagnone (***

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